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Employee Self Service

Current employees can update and access many employment details from the General Dynamics Employee Self-Service website which is accessible via a link posted on www.gdbenefits.com hosted by Fidelity, or by calling 877-GD-EMP-SRV (1-877-433-6777). The Employee Self-Service website provides information on:

  • updating direct deposit information
  • updating federal withholding information
  • viewing and printing the previous year's W2
  • viewing and printing pay statements


Current and former employees seeking information or answers to benefits-related questions, please visit www.gdbenefits.com or contact the General Dynamics Benefits Service Center at 1-888-GD-BENEFITS (1-888-432-3633).

Service center representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. ET.

Information is available on:

  • health and welfare programs
  • 401 (k) plans - Savings and Stock Investment Plans (SSIP)
  • defined benefit pension plans

Employees seeking additional benefits information, please contact your business unit human resources department.

Employment Verification

Verification of employment is available through The Work Number at www.theworknumber.com or 1-800-367-5690. The General Dynamics company code for The Work Number is 12184.

Ethics Helpline

GD operates an ethics helpline website and you can also contact an ethics representative by phone.